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Summer is here and so is poetry!

Welcome to Summer…

Hey Faithful Followers!

I hope you are all finding joy. I am so happy to end the school year and welcome the warmer, uh hem HOTTER months her in Houston! It has been a long year + for all of us. The summer offers hope for me. My double-duty of virtual teacher and helicopter parent has ended. My first draft book edits have been turned in. I have a fully-casted play for the fall. And with decreasing Covid cases, I want to believe the worst is behind us. But one thing that I know for sure is that whatever lies before us, the arts will be a huge part of it. (And so will me on a few beaches.)

I have found that for me, there has been a sweet relief in my craft. I started journaling again at the beginning of the pandemic. That one act really helped me process all of my feelings. It really reminded me that there was a place of unbridled acceptance in the page and a space where I could be my 100% self. I want to find ways to show up for my students, my children, my family, and my community in those ways going forward. We all deserve a place to be ourselves and a world that will accept us as such. So I am sending a huge Happy Pride Month to all of my LGBTQ+ friends and family who are finding people and spaces that celebrate your truth.As for me and my craft, I have been so blessed to stay busy through these crazy times. Here are a few events I have coming in the near future.

  • I just finished a movie review for Lionsgate Films and am working on a few other reviews as a new reviewer for Mediaversity. If you are looking for recs for diverse TV and film, check their site before you watch!

  • I am happy to announce that I am one of the newest Book Reviewer for Muzzle Magazine! I am excited to be able to get some big eyes on Southern Poets. I have a special interest in BIPOC writing. If you have a new collection out, shoot me an e-mail, I would love to learn more!

  • This month, I will be awarded the 40 under 40 award by the Houston Business Journal. I am so grateful to be honored as one of the top business leaders (And the only artists on the list). This is a HUGE honor and I will definitely be taking time to celebrate.

  • The biggest thing coming will be landing on Juneteenth! My book, Newsworthy, is being launched in Germany!!!!!!! Join us as the University of Munster hosts the big kick off. I will be joined with my publishers at Bloomsday Literary, my translator Maria Meniel, and many other contributors that pulled off the giant feat of translating this meaningful collection. Grab yourself a copy and log on for a great performance and discussion. RSVP for the link.

I haven’t been doing a lot of submitting lately, since I have been focusing on so many new projects. But some of the ones that always come to mind when the summer rolls around are here. Happy submitting!

  • Profellow- This comprehensive site always has great lists of fellowships and opportunities

  • Creative Capital actually offers a monthly list of opportunities that will be sent directly to your email. Subscribe on their site for more.

  • For those in Houston, Check out the Houston Arts Alliance and The Houston Endowment.

  • And if you do not have a Submittable account. this is a great first step in getting your work out in the world!

Ta ta for now friends!

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