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An Opera commissioned by

Libretto by Deborah D.E.E.P. Mouton

Composed by Damien Sneed


Premiered Spring 2020

Run Time- 60 minutes
Libretto Excerpt

Marian's Song chronicles the life of Marian Anderson, one of the most celebrated opera singers of the 20th century who broke racial barriers throughout her storied career. This innovative fusion of opera, spoken word, and multimedia projections, breaks boundaries of genre and brings opera back to the hands of the people. Following the journey of a young girl, Nevaeh, as she attempts to stop the demolition of Anderson's childhood church, Marian's Song, hearkens the urgency of a modern generations need for social activism and reverence of history. "Bringing Anderson's story to the forefront of our minds was necessary for me. To see a singer of such grace and humility navigate the harsh world around her, gives hope, for our generation, that we can too be unstoppable and make change" comments Mouton. This riveting, new blend of poetry and music is further elevated by the incomparable work of Damien Sneed, the internationally-recognized, multi-genre recording artist.

This exciting opera, and debut stage production from Mouton, premiered at the Wortham Theater Center in Houston, TX. Take a sneak peek at the World Premiere below! 

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