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Atlanta: 1906


Photo Credit Le Petit Journal
A French journal who was one of the first outlets to report the atrocity.

Commissioned by  The Atlanta Opera
as part of the 96-hour Opera Project
Composed by Johanny Navarro
Libretto by Deborah D.E.E.P. Mouton

In an effort to shine light on the atrocity of the 1906 Atlanta Race Massacre, 1906 revisits the moment things changed through the eyes of a loving couple Jimmy and Rose Reed. While Atlanta is blossoming into a progressive city touting Black Billionaires and numerous successful Black-owned businesses, everything becomes upended by a single newspaper headline. While many pieces focus on the trauma that comes through losing your life in a tragic event, 1906 offers that an equal, if not greater, threat existed for every person who lived on as a witness of this historic tragedy. It also serves as a testament to the love that carries us through
even the worst times.

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